Founded in 1911

City Rescue Mission of Lansing

Serving the Future

Expanding Services: The need is growing and our goals is to increase our capacity to serve, with expanded dining room, sleeping areas, classroom space, chapel, and more!

Improving Quality: The current facility is in great need of more bathrooms and shower facilities, which will be accomplished as part of the scope of this project.

Making History: The Mission has stepped forward to serve wherever the need is since it was founded in 1911. From a soup kitchen in the Great Depression to a drop-in center in 2019. By joining us, you become a part of a legacy of service that spans more than a century in Michigan's capital area.

Donate Now

With current issues facing our community, long range planning indicates homelessness will be a growing challenge in the years ahead. This project will increase Mission services.

This project will increase and improve services in our men's ministry, with future potential to facilitate services across the Mission. The "single room occupancy" units will also provide afforadable housing for those men with disabilties and limited income.

Current options include renovation at our Michigan Avenue location, the historic 600 block, or at another more suitable site.

Initial project costs at Michigan Avenue were estimated at 3.5 million dollars. With current conditions, expected renovation costs have increased to 4.7 million. We are looking at other locations to determine how to be best stewards of the gifts given to provide food, shelter, and hope in Michigan's capital area.

Initial hopes were to complete the project by 2023; however, increasing costs and job shortages mean we will need to raise additional funds and determine viability of other locations. Our goal is to have a finalized location by the end of 2022.

This is an ambitious project but much needed. Monetary donations will enable us to begin meeting needs that are already growing in our community.